La Rectoria de Godmar offers the possibility for different types of events to be carried out in any of its spaces, created specifically to be multi-purpose spaces so that customers are ultimately the ones to decide which environment they would like to hold their celebration in.

Esglesia - Rectoria Godmar

Godmar Church

The historic parish of Sant Sadurní, documented as far back as the 13th century, was rebuilt in 1800 and currently preserves the original lay out of the period, which left the facade and the bell tower exposed after being hidden for many years as they were next to the historic rectory building.

The Godmar Church is a special and unique space, with lighting and sound equipment offering great majesty, where banquets and any other non-religious ceremony may take place. It has a capacity of 200 attendees.

The Church Godmar is a unique great majesty place that preserves the original layout of the time

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Godmar Courtyard

Next to the Godmar Church, this space corresponds to what was once the Rectory. The boundary of the entrance remains. There the year 1700 appears; this is presumably the date of construction. Partially destroyed, a hallway connecting the Godmar Church with the Godmar Room was exposed.

This space offers small groups the possibility for a cocktail hour or an outdoor ceremony in an intimate and inviting space.

The Godmar courtyard allows ceremonies outdoors intimate and cozy

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Godmar Hall and Garden

The Godmar Hall is a newly created space built during the renovation of the whole complex, designed for multi-purpose use with a capacity for 225 people. It is the most modern face of the Rectoria de Godmar and is especially suited for more informal occasions from family celebrations to corporate events.

The Godmar Hall leads through a porch to the Godmar Garden which is perfect for the spring and summer. The outside space offers the possibility of holding evening ceremonies and dinners, taking advantage of the pleasant weather at this time of year.

Godmar Hall and Garden host evening banquets during the warmer months of the year

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Godmar's premises map

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