La Rectoria de Godmar offers customers the possibility of holding different types of events at any of the spaces it has available, which have been specially designed to serve as multipurpose spaces. Customers have the final say on where they want their celebration to take place.


Godmar Church

The church is a unique and unforgettable venue which is made even more remarkable by a lighting system comprised of spotlights that can be regulated in terms of intensity and color, creating different lighting scenes of unparalleled magnificence.

It has a capacity of 240 people, and any type of event, banquet, ceremony, cultural or company activity can be held here.

The Godmar Church is equipped with an exclusive lighting system that creates an atmosphere of great solemnity

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Godmar Courtyard

The refurbishment works uncovered Godmar Courtyard, which corresponds to the old rectory and connects Godmar Church to Godmar Hall.

The Courtyard, with a capacity of 110 people, has a lighting and sound system, making it the perfect choice for outdoor celebrations.

The Godmar Courtyard, the intimate and cozy outdoor space of the Godmar complex

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Godmar Hall

Godmar Hall is a newly created venue built during the refurbishment. It is intended for multiple uses and has a capacity of up to 240 people.

It shows La Rectoria de Godmar's most modern side and is characterized by its versatility. It comes equipped with a mobile curtain system, making it possible to divide the area depending on the activity being organized.
As the Hall is technologically well equipped, it is ideal for private celebrations and company events.

The Godmar Hall, a modern and flexible space to organize any type of event

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Godmar Porch and Garden

The Porch is a modern, outdoor transition area that connects Godmar Hall to the Garden, and it is the best choice for dinners or cocktails for small groups in summer, as it has a capacity of 60 people.

The Godmar Garden is located at the back of the ensemble and connects to the natural environment surrounding La Rectoria de Godmar.
The size of this venue makes it possible to organize cocktails and group activities for large groups as it can hold up to 500 people.

The Godmar Porch and Garden, spaces that offer great capacity for outdoor activities

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Characteristics of the spaces

Godmar Church436 m217×25 m9 m240 pple.436 pple.200 pple.240 pple.300 pple.
Godmar Hall314 m220×16 m4 m240 pple.314 pple.200 pple.240 pple. 260 pple.
Godmar Courtyard140 m210×14 m-110 pple.140 pple.70 pple.110 pple.120 pple.
Godmar Garden900 m220×50 m--500 pple.---
Godmar Porch110 m222×5 m-60 pple.100 pple.--80 pple.
Parking 1Capacity for 50 vehicles
Parking 2Capacity for 50 vehicles


Lighting system with chromatic and intensity control

Projectors and screen projection

System of reproduction and content management

Soundproofing through speakers

Microphone system

TV monitor

Air conditioning system

Wifi network

Godmar's premises map

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